Welcome to the world of Nirn!

A world full of adventure awaits once you approach the shores of Nirn, a bustling continent surrounded by the Nemedian Sea. Standing as the pinnacle of society, Nirn contains a large array of races, ranging from the mysterious Drow below to the mountain swinging Goliaths in the South-East, but the continent is primarily founded by the human race.

The result of many battles for control of the continent led to a war-torn land which has only witnessed peace amongst the races for a few centuries. With large settlements and cities such as Septentrionalis to the North, or Renfall to the East, traders, merchants, farmers and their families are experiencing a stable and peaceful way of living, but unaware, they are always surroundend by danger. Savage goblins and orcs still raid small villages, cultists perform rituals of unspeakable evil and the fearsome dragons roam the world, and it is therefore necessary for brave adventurers to protect the world of Nirn and maintain its peace.


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